Saturday, June 10, 2006

This Supermodel Works

“I want all gay people to be free and embrace themselves for coming out and doing the right thing” Dickinson said.

Fans of Janice Dickinson’s biting commentary on “America’s Next Top Model” will rejoice to learn that the self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel” is hosting her own modeling show called “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” debuting 10pm, Tues, June 6, on the Oxygen Network
On her new reality TV venture she will choose five male and female models to sign up with her own new modeling agency based in Los Angeles.
Dickinson was “Top Model’s” Simon Cowell, the bitchy judge who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and didn’t care what the contestants thought, until her departure in 2005. Since she was replaced with Twiggy, all fans agree that there’s a certain “Janice se quoi” missing from the show.
Dickinson had a brief stint on VH1’s “The Surreal Life” last year but that B-list spectacle lacked the juicy goodness of over-the-top vanity and obsession with beauty, weight and plastic surgery that is Dickinson’s trademark. (During a recent phone interview with the Washington Blade, Dickinson announced, “I was just waving to my plastic surgeon from the [car] window.”)
“Since I have the hottest men in the world, you’ll just have to tune in and find out how I take all their clothes off to find out if they’re packing,” Dickinson said.
Gay men have been a faithful audience for Dickinson. After all, even she says she’s a “gay man in a supermodel’s body.” And as if to illustrate that point, when asked for her beauty pet peeve she answered, “It’s hard to say what I would change because my dick keeps falling out. How funny was that?”
Dickinson calls herself “a gay icon, not a bi icon.”
“I want all gay people to be free and embrace themselves for coming out and doing the right thing,” Dickinson said. “Thousands of gay men made me who I am in the beginning. I’m a gay man in a supermodel’s body. I’m the one who said it first, not Tyra Banks,” said Dickinson.
And that’s not the only disparaging remark Dickinson has for “Top Model” host and creator Banks. When asked what celebrity she’d most like to make over, Dickinson replied, “Tyra Banks.”
“She needs a big makeover from J.D.,” said, well, J.D. “I hope she gets the humor to that. She’ll never laugh at that, but she should. She should laugh at herself a little more.”
And Banks isn’t the only model Dickinson has strong opinions about. She insisted that no other supermodels were hosting reality TV shows. For the record, Heidi Klum hosts Bravo’s “Project Runway” (“mundane trash,” Dickinson called the gay favorite); Rachel Hunter hosted WE’s “Style Me”; and of course, there’s Banks.
“Don’t put there are other supermodels hosting reality shows because they’re not,” Dickinson says. “If you’re referring to Rachel Hunter—please. She’s a cow. Tyra Banks. Please. She had to retire. She’s ready for like missy sizes. I can still walk the runway on eight-inch heels and still fit into a sample size. So that’s the difference, alright?”
She did have softer words for “American Idol” judge, Simon Cowell, who she said she “has the hots for.” But then, in true Janice Dickinson fashion, she added, “He’s got a flabby ass. He’s not rich enough.”


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