Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brinkley's Husband Says"I'm Stupid"

The estranged husband of Christie Brinkley has until now kept silent about recent reports that he had an affair with a teenage employee while married to the supermodel. Now his reportedly desperate apology is receiving a very public airing. "This is an aberration," Peter Cook said through a lawyer, according to a column by Cindy Adams that was published Tuesday in the New York Post. "I'm sorry. I'm contrite. I'm stupid. Foolish. No excuse." Adams wrote that the 47-year-old's words were provided to her by his attorney, Norman Sheresky. "I love my wife. ... For a lifetime I've tried to prove how much I love her," Cook said, according to the article. Sheresky said that Cook, the model's fourth husband, is hoping for a reconciliation with Brinkley, 52. "He got involved, in over his head somehow, and he wants to make it up to her for the rest of his life," said Sheresky, who also defended Cook as a "man who loves his wife and who loves his children." Brinkley's publicist, Elliot Mintz, told The Associated Press early Tuesday that he did not believe she would ask him to issue a response. "This is not the way for people to have a discourse or a discussion about private matters," he said.

The couple's separation exploded in scandal earlier this month when 19-year-old Diana Bianchi claimed Cook had seduced her shortly after hiring her to work at his architecture firm. The teenager's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, described the relationship as consensual, but claimed Cook's role as employer and his gifts of a car, money and jewelry could possibly constitute sexual harassment. "The idea that the other person involved didn't knowingly consent to this relationship is garbage," said Sheresky, who quoted Cook as saying, "I took no advantage." A message left for Tacopina at his office early Tuesday was not immediately returned. Days after Bianchi came forward, a 29-year-old woman told the Post that Cook had proposed marriage to her when she was 19, a month before he became engaged to Brinkley. According to the report, Sheresky said that Cook would respect Brinkley's wishes, whatever the result. "He hopes there's no divorce. IF she wants one, and he certainly hopes this doesn't happen, but IF -- it will not be nasty," Sheresky said, according to the Post. "She can have whatever she wants."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hurley squeezes into Jordache

Elizabeth Hurley has good genes. And now, good jeans have her.
The supermodel has signed on as the latest face, or rather bum, of Jordache Jeans, appearing in print ads for the denim denizens from September through the end of the year.
"We are thrilled to be working with Elizabeth Hurley," Liz Berlinger, president of Jordache Enterprises, said in a statement. "With success as an actress, model, business woman and mother, Liz represents everything the Jordache brand is about. We chose her because she is the true modern woman."
The professional poser will be pimping out the '70s denim brand's Vintage line, as well as the new Legacy line, the latter of which will be available exclusively at Macy's nationwide.
While the campaign won't be officially unveiled until September, prints of the initial ads have already hit the Internet, despite Jordache's best efforts--well, efforts--to keep the photos under wraps until fall.
The company's official Website teases a pixilated version of one ad, shot by photographer Michael Thompson, which features Hurley donning the classic embroidered pocket jeans and posing with the signature Jordache horse. Another simply shows Hurley with riding gear.

Hurley, who has previously strutted her spokesmodel skills for Est¨¦e Lauder and Versace, replaces Brittany Murphy as the face of the denim brand. The 8 Mile actress' print ads, also featuring the requisite Jordache horse, ran last year.
But while the 41-year-old model is keen to keep her face in print, her name is another story.
Hurley is adamantly denying British tabloid reports that she's due to marry her longtime Indian businessman beau Arun Nayar this September.
Rumors of an impending vow swap began circulating when Hurley was spotted looking at estates in the English countryside.
"It's not true, it's all fiction, fiction," she said. "I'm in the country at the moment and I have about 50 helicopters circling overhead, but all I've done is feed the chickens and water the flowers."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miss Puerto Rico crowned Miss Universe

An 18-year-old aspiring actress from Puerto Rico, who hopes to someday star in U.S. and Latin American films, has been crowned as Miss Universe 2006.
Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza of Puerto Rico shared a nervous emotional hug with first runner-up, Kurara Chibana of Japan moments before the winner was announced, then clasped her hands to her mouth in amazement as she heard her name called Sunday night. She beamed as the crown was placed on her head.
Also finishing in the top five were second runner-up Lauriane Gillieron of Switzerland, third runner-up Lourdes Arevalos of Paraguay, and fourth runner-up Tara Conner of the United States.

The field of 86 was actually narrowed to 20 last week during preliminary judging in the contest's swimsuit, evening gown and interview categories, but finalists weren't announced until Sunday's show was under way, allowing all 86 to be introduced to the television audience.
At the opening of the ceremony, several of the contestants sported costumes featuring colorful native dress, including feathers, sequins, fur, massive headpieces and, in the case of Miss Japan, a Samurai sword.
Lia Andrea Ramos of Philippines was chosen most photogenic in an online vote by the public. Angela Asare of Ghana won the congeniality award in a vote by all 86 contestants. Chibana, who carried the impressive looking Samurai sword, won the award for best national costume.
"They were probably afraid not to pick Miss Japan or she would use that sword,'' quipped Carson Kressley of TV's "Queer Eye,'' who provided commentary along with 2004 Miss USA Shandi Finnessey. Opera singer Vittorio Grigolo and Latin singer Chelo provided musical performances.
The pageant began with the top 20 finalists' names being announced early in the show.
Then their scores were discarded and competition began again, with the field gradually narrowed throughout the night.
As soon as the final 20 had been selected, they immediately strutted across the stage in skimpy two-piece bikinis for the swimsuit competition.

After being narrowed to the final 10, the competition moved to evening gowns, with the smiling contestants walking across the stage to music provided by Grigolo.
The winner travels the world for a year on behalf of charities and pageant sponsors.
Natalie Glebova of Canada was to crown her successor at the end of the two-hour telecast with a diamond-and-pearl-studded headpiece valued at $250,000 (euro197,000).
"My year as Miss Universe has meant more to me than I can express,'' said Glebova, who began her reign with a trip to South Africa where she publicly took an HIV test.
"I have traveled the world on behalf of various HIV/AIDS organizations, promoting education, research and legislation, and I walk away from this experience feeling like I truly made an impact.''
"Access Hollywood'' host Nancy O'Dell and actor-singer Carlos Ponce were emcees of the 55th annual pageant, broadcast live on NBC.
The celebrity judging panel included actor James Lesure of "Las Vegas''; "Desperate Housewives'' creator Marc Cherry; actress Bridgette Wilson Sampras; Sean Yazbeck, newest winner of "The Apprentice''; former Dallas Cowboys star Emmitt Smith; anchor Maria Celeste Arraras of Telemundo's "Al Rojo Vivo''; Claudia Jordan, briefcase model on "Deal or No Deal''; fashion photographer Patrick McMullan, and 2003 Miss Universe Amelia Vega.

Model Caprice pleads guilty to drink-driving

Model Caprice pleaded guilty today to drink-driving.
The Californian-born model, whose full name is Caprice Bourret, admitted driving a Mercedes while over the legal alcohol limit.
She was arrested by a police patrol while driving in Tottenham Court Road in central London on December 10 last year.
Highbury Magistrates' Court heard today that tests revealed she was over the legal alcohol limit.
However, her solicitor, Nick Freeman, said there were "special" circumstances in that she had been taking medication which had affected how her body metabolised alcohol.
Mr Freeman, who has represented many celebrities in motoring-related cases and is known as "Mr Loophole", said the drug had taken her over the limit.
He said the drug concerned was Cipro, an anti-histamine, which Ms Bourret had been taking to treat cystitis, an infection of the bladder.
He said: "It was a consequence of something that she imbibed, i.e. Cipro, that the offence took place."
He added: "It's the extra additional matter that she took by way of medication which is the special reason.
"It relates to the offence because it is directly related to the commission of the offence.
"If she had not taken that, she would not be before the court for drink-driving."
Mr Freeman said the drug had taken his client over the limit in the same way as if she had taken cough medicine, as has been argued in other drink-driving cases.
If it is proven that the drug was responsible for pushing Ms Bourret over the alcohol limit, she could escape a mandatory driving ban.

Ms Bourret went into the witness box shortly after 11.30am and told the court that she had drunk red wine on two occasions in the 16 hours before her arrest.
She said she drank a bottle and a half of red wine during a lunch in Soho which began at 11.30am on December 9.
She added that she also ate a salad. Ms Bourret said she drove to Soho and left her car in a car park.
Asked how she felt afterwards, she said: "I felt tired, I felt like I had had a drink."
Following an interview in the afternoon at which she drank tea, Ms Bourret said she took a taxi back to her north London home and "passed out".
But that evening she took a taxi back to Soho after a friend telephoned her and invited her to a "drinks party".
Ms Bourret said she did not know the "exact amount" she drank at the party because her glass of red wine was topped up during the night.
"I do not know the exact amount," she said. "I got to the party and one of my girlfriends' friends gave me a glass of red wine and they kept topping it up. I kept the exact same glass all evening."
Ms Bourret said she left the party at around 3.45am after staying for several hours, and gave her friend a lift to a taxi.
She said it was when she stopped to drop her off that the police stopped and breathalysed her. After an initial positive reading, she was taken to a police station where a second reading revealed she had 52 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 micrograms.

Ms Bourret said she then refused to sign a printout of the reading, and she later refused to sign her formal charge sheet.
"I refused to sign it because I could not accept that I was over the limit. I wanted a blood test and I kept asking for it," she said.
Asked by her solicitor, Mr Freeman, how she felt, she replied: "I was scared and crying. I have never been put into these sorts of circumstances."
The court was told that Ms Bourret, who lives in London and South Africa, holds clean English and American driving licences.
Mr Freeman than began questioning his client about her history of cystitis, which she said she had suffered intermittently since she was a teenager.
Asked why she did not tell the custody sergeant of the condition, she said: "It was a very unique situation I was in and I knew if I told them the whole of England would know.
"I really didn't think it was pertinent. I was embarrassed. This is something that's really private and I am not liking talking about it here at all."
She said she was not aware that the Cipro tablets, of which she had taken 10 in the preceding five days, could have affected how her body dealt with alcohol until her mother warned her after she was charged.
Ms Bourret said she had to stop using the drug and now uses two alternatives, one from South Africa and one from the United States.
When asked to read the labels she struggled with the names of the drugs and said: "I'm having a blonde moment, I guess."