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Jennifer Aniston's ring row

Jennifer Aniston's ring row
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn reportedly had a dramatic bust-up at the London premiere of their new movie.The former 'Friends' actress apparently angered her actor boyfriend after stirring up engagement rumours by wearing a ring on her wedding finger to the premiere of 'The Break-Up' on Wednesday night (14.06.06).
When asked about the band, she joked: "It's a 9.5 carat canary diamond Suzy Fabrikant ring. Nice isn't it?"After hearing the comment, Vaughn is said to have marched the actress to one side and blasted her for using their relationship to gain publicity for the movie.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Vince is notoriously private about his personal life and he doesn't want people to know much about their relationship"He was overhead telling Jennifer it was a 'cheap trick'."Their feud allegedly continued at the after-show party held at trendy West End hangout W'Sens.

One onlooker said the pair barely spoke and Aniston - who revealed she was missing her friend, Courtney Cox's 42nd birthday party to be at the premiere - finally left complaining of a 'headache'.At a press conference on Thursday (15.06.06) to promote the film, journalists were banned from asking the pair anything about their relationship.

Jennifer Aniston Personal life
Aniston has previously dated musician Adam Duritz and was engaged to actor Tate Donovan. Her high-profile relationship with movie star Brad Pitt was frequently publicized in the media. She married Pitt on July 29, 2000, in a lavish Malibu wedding. The two separated on January 7, 2005, and Aniston officially filed for divorce on March 25, 2005. The divorce was finalized on October 2, 2005.

Media reports have speculated that the split was due to an extramarital affair on Pitt's part (with actress Angelina Jolie) and due to Aniston's refusal to have children. Aniston vehemently denied this in an August 2005 Vanity Fair interview, stating, "I've never in my life said I didn't want to have children... I've always wanted to have children, and I would never give up that experience for a career. I want to have it all". Aniston has also stated that the loss of her longtime therapist, whose work helped to make the separation from Pitt bearable, more than a year ago was "devastating".
Since the couple's divorce, Aniston has been romantically linked with actor Vince Vaughn, however, she has not discussed her romantic life with the media and the two have not officially confirmed their relationship.

Linda Evangelista Announced Pregnancy

Supermodel Linda Evangelista Announced Pregnancy
Former 90's supermodel Linda Evangelista announces that she is pregnant with her first child. She is currently dating an unnamed New York architect.
Following a string of Hollywood celebrities that have been bitten by the maternity bug, Evangelista was last seen wearing a maternity-style dress at a recent party in Madrid.

German magazine Gala quoted the leggy supermodel as saying: "I'm overjoyed... my baby gives my life a meaning."
According to, Evangelista suffered a tragic stillbirth in 1999 when she was married to her ex-husband, Gerald Marie.

Baby boom continues, as supermodel Linda Evangelista announced she is pregnant with her first child. Canadian-born, New-York-based supermodel was spotted at a party in Madrid last week sporting a bump, which confirmed ongoing rumours that she is expecting.Linda Evangelista, 41, is currently dating an unnamed New York City architect, Vogue has learned. In the past Linda Evangelista dated actor Kyle MacLachlan, soccer player Fabien Barthez, Italian oil mogul Ugo Brachetti Peretti and Formula One driver Paolo Barilla.

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What Sent Hannah up a Tree

What Sent Hannah up a Tree
The actress, arrested at a protest this week after 23 days on the urban farm, is no newcomer to activism or environmentalism.
She became a vegan at the age of 11 after she befriended a little calf being hauled by a truck that was parked near a road. The calf kissed her face for about an hour. When the truck driver appeared, she asked him what the calf's name was. "Veal, tomorrow morning at 7," he shot back.

At 12, she got into a big argument with her father because she didn't want her taxes ever going to support war. He told her that if she didn't pay taxes she'd go to jail.
The education of Daryl Hannah, activist, was underway.As she perched in a walnut tree this week waiting for sheriff's deputies to arrest her and other protesters at an urban farm in South Los Angeles, it may have seemed that Hannah, now 45, was just another actress parachuting in to generate publicity for another cause.And in fact, publicity is part of what she's after, Hannah agreed. But unlike some activists in Hollywood, she pointed out, she really tries to live what she preaches.Take the "graywater system" she uses to irrigate the garden at her house. It's sinkwater, bathwater, "water used in runoff," she explained by phone Wednesday afternoon as she prepared to head to an appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live."Six years ago, Hannah said, she stopped driving cars fueled with petroleum. Now she drives a bio-diesel-powered 1983 El Camino she found on the Internet. Whenever she needs fuel, she orders 55-gallon drums of B-100 bio-fuel, made from recycled grease from fast food restaurants.Hannah said she learned of the plight of the urban farmers about a month ago from a friend, environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill. The farmers were defying a court order to vacate the 14-acre plot at 41st and Alameda streets, which had reverted to private ownership."I was first of all shocked and surprised that I had never heard about this before, having spent so much time in Los Angeles," Hannah said.The pace of her acting career leaves her time for other projects, such as the "sustainable video-logs" she makes about "inspirational and cutting-edge developments in green culture and lifestyle." She puts them up on her website.

'Blade Runner' android

A willowy blond whose screen success has fluctuated over the years, she saw her career revived as the one-eyed assassin Elle Driver (California Mountain Snake) in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" movies. But her favorite role, she said, remains the gorgeous android Pris in Ridley Scott's 1982 dark, futuristic thriller "Blade Runner." She also said she loved playing a troubled exotic dancer in 2001's "Dancing at the Blue Iguana."Her real life, at times, generated more publicity than some of her films. For instance, off and on she dated John F. Kennedy Jr."At the moment, I don't have a boyfriend — but I have had boyfriends," she said.Her next film is an Italian production to be shot in Spain and Italy. "I think I'm the only English-speaking person in it."She shrugged off the idea that some people joke about the wild characters she has played over the years — a mermaid in "Splash," a buff prehistoric woman in "Clan of the Cave Bear," a gigantress in "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman." "That's what I do for a living. If I just played the girlfriend every time, it wouldn't be very interesting."She went to the farm to make "an emergency episode" about its fate for her video-log series."I went down there to shoot a segment and fell in love with the farm and the farmers in particular," she said. "I decided to do what I could to try and purchase the farm on their behalf."She began calling anyone she knew who might be able to help, including people in politics and entertainment."I called Willie Nelson. I called Martin Sheen. I called a ton of people."

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Hot Russian Supermodel & Fashion Model

Hot Russian Supermodel & Fashion Model: Natalia Vodianova
Natalia Vodianova is a Russian model. Since bursting into the spotlight in 2001, She has campaigned for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Euphoria, Gucci and Miss Sixty. Her Cinderella story of going from poverty into modeling glamour has also created great buzz about her. When asked about her past and current status she said "I have done it. I have everything I want. I have made enough money to secure my family and that is all I care about." Indeed, success is bitter sweet after a long struggle.

Natalia Vodianova was born on February 28, 1982, in Gorky, Russia. She lived with her mother and two half-sisters under meager and tough conditions. The poor lifestyle was a result of Soviet Union's road to collapse and its aftermath. The political and economic conditions took a harsh toll on Natalia's family, as she had to start working at the age of eleven. Natalia and her family sustained eachother with a fruit stall business.
At age 15, Vodianova enrolled in a modeling academy, where she learned ladylike behavior and etiquette. Fortunately, she also went to casting opportunities, and one day, she caught the eye of a scouting agent from Paris. He told her that a great future was in store for her; all she had to do was learn English in three months.
Convinced that her life could change for the better, Vodianova did just that. At 17, she moved to Paris to try her hand at modeling. Delighted to work, she was a dream client for the Viva agency and was an inspired woman. Though her salary was small at her first, it was still much more than what she was earning in her native Russia.

Convinced that her life could change for the better, Vodianova did just that. At 17, she moved to Paris to try her hand at modeling. Delighted to work, she was a dream client for the Viva agency and was an inspired woman. Though her salary was small at her first, it was still much more than what she was earning in her native Russia.
When she was 19 years old, she made much headway in modeling but still had not made it big. For some time, she was distracted however, after falling in love and marrying British real-estate heir Justin Portman. She gave birth to son Lucas before the lavish wedding in St. Petersburg, and for an instant, her career looked bleak. Fortunately, these distractions did not sway her: she roamed the runways for several fall collections and astounded so many that she headlined the Yves Saint Laurent show that same year.
Soon, Vodianova's phone was ringing off the hook. Gucci made her the new face for their perfume line after she had more than 40 runway shows under her belt, and then Calvin Klein called to hire her for their big Spring show. She was officially the hot new face in town and even made a brief appearance in Roman Coppola's film CQ with Billy Zane and Gérard Depardieu.
Now, with campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Miss Sixty to her name, Vodianova is a true supermodel. She has done it all, from Vogue covers to big-name fashion shows. The media loves her not only for her "real" look, but because her story is so inspiring. Living in New York with her husband and son, Vodianova, at only 21 years old, is already poised to take over the whole modeling world with her charm and sex appeal.
When asked about her past and current status she said "I have done it. I have everything I want. I have made enough money to secure my family and that is all I care about." Indeed, success is bitter sweet after a long struggle.

Britney Spears' "awesome" marriage

Britney Spears' "awesome" marriage
Britney Spears says her marriage to Kevin Federline is "awesome" - but admits she is an "emotional wreck".
The star tells Matt Lauer from NBC's 'The Today Show' that she finds the constant rumours about the demise of her marriage "sad" because she "thinks everyone should be pro-love".
Britney, who is pregnant with the couple's second child, also attacked the constant intrusions into her private life - specifically referring to when she was photographed driving with baby son Sean Preston on her lap.She fumed: "I can't go anywhere without someone judging me. I did it with my dad. I'd sit on his lap and I'd drive. We're country. I know I'm a good mother."Britney also went on to lash out at the paparazzi who she feels "make her a target".

She said: "You have to realize that we're people and we just need privacy and we need our respect. And those are things that you have to have as a human being."Britney - who has sold around 85 million albums - married Kevin in September 2004 and they had their first child almost exactly a year later.He already has two children - Kori and Kaleb - with ex-girlfriend actress Shar Jackson.
Spears insisted that she loves her husband saying: "He helps me. He has to. I'm (an) emotional wreck right now."
The paparazzi have "crossed the line a little bit" by showing her in private moments, she said.
She also defended her parenting skills, saying: "I know I'm a good mom."
She drew criticism earlier this year when she was photographed with her infant son, Sean, sitting on her lap as she drove. She cautions against judging her.

"I did it with my dad. I'd sit on his lap and I drive," the Louisiana native said. "We're country."
The singer said she feels like a target. Asked what she would say to the paparazzi as individuals, she says: "You have a life. And if you don't, you have to realise that we're people and that we ... just need privacy and we need our respect. And those are things that you have to have as a human being."
Federline and Spears married in the fall of 2004, and their son, Sean Preston, was born last September.
She revealed last month that she is pregnant again. Federline also has two children, Kori and Kaleb, with his former girlfriend, Shar Jackson.

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Is Heidi Klum Paris Hilton's Inspiration?

Is Heidi Klum Paris Hilton's Inspiration?
Paris Hilton and Heidi Klum have more in common than gorgeous gams, blonde locks and strutting around in their underwear. They also share a penchant for similar tastes in fashion. The ladies wore the same dress but -unlike Gayle King and Alfre Woodward- not to the same event.

Hilton wore the floral print dress last night for her appearance on 'The Late Show w/ David Letteman'. Attempting a more demure look, the heiress and budding chanteuse wore it long and paired the frock with black heels.
Klum, who wore the dress last month, chose a shorter length and gave it a 60s flair by donning Nancy Sinatra-esque white boots with it.
While, thankfully, there's no one else quite like Paris, looks like the same can't be said for her style.

Marisa Miller started out as a surfe

Marisa Miller started out as a surfer, before becoming a model.
Marisa has always been a very sporty chick. She’s a big fan of football and basketball.
Marisa Lee Miller (born Santa Cruz, California, August 6, 1978) is a buxom American supermodel who first gained attention when she appeared in the 1997 premiere issue of Perfect 10 magazine. Although she came in third behind Ashley Degenford and Monica Hansen in Perfect 10's first annual model search, she was repeatedly showcased in following issues, including the covers of the Winter 1998, Aug/Sept 1999, and Fall 2004 editions.
She was a star volleyball player while she was at high school, leading the team to victory during her junior year with the team not losing a match during the whole season. But surfing had always been her first love.
In fact, if it hadn’t been for the blonde babe’s love of surfing she may have never become a model.In 2001, she traveled to Southern California to catch some waves. Here a famous fashion photographer was on the beach and Marisa’s beauty caught her eye. He took some pictures of her, which led to Marisa being offered modelling work.

Marisa was unsure whether to take up the opportunity, but with her mother’s support and advice:"You can always go back to school, but you can't always model," she decided to make the leap.
But she didn’t get offered the amazing opportunities she dreamed of that easily. She started out as a nude model for Perfect 10 magazine, but this paid off and Marisa was offered the chance to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated’s famous Swimsuit Edition in 2001.This in turn brought her to the attention of influential figures in the modelling industry and soon after she was advertising lingerie for Victoria’s Secret catalogues. Her more recent modelling work includes campaigns for top brands like Tommy Hilfiger, J Crew and Nordstrom. She’s also appeared on the cover of Fitness and Shape magazine and fashion bible Vogue. Marisa’s rising profile led Sports Illustrated to get her back for their 2003 - 2006 Swimsuit Editions.
Marisa recently decided she wants to university to arm herself with an education for when the modelling work stops flooding in. Unsurprisingly, sports feature in Marisa’s dreams for the future, she hopes to become a sports caster.

Fast Facts about Marisa Miller
• In high school, Marisa was a star volleyball player.
• She was a nude model for Perfect 10 magazine.
• She is a passionate surfer.
• She has worked on publicity campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, J.Crew and Nordstrom.
• She would love to be a sportscaster someday.

• Vogue (2003)
• Fitness (2002)
• Shape (2001)
• Victoria's Secret (2001)
• Sports Illustrated (2001)

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Why Aussie celebs are so boring

Julietta Jameson asks why Aussie celebs are so boring.

As Big Brother evictees hit the club circuit and Dancing stars do their end-of-show interviews, Julietta Jameson asks why Aussie celebs are so snooze-inducing compared to their international counterparts.

CAN you hear the alarm ringing? That's the sound of 15 minutes of fame expiring every time a Big Brother contestant leaves the Gold Coast compound, or one of Home And Away's pretty young interchangables leaves Summer Bay. It rings again when an It girl trades "it" for "it once was" as she exits Ramsay Street. How soon they are forgotten.
Meanwhile, across the globe, former English soap stars and reality TV contestants are plastered across the front pages of gossip magazines and tabloid newspapers.
Tongue kissing, boob flashing, nose jobs gone wrong, dirty laundry aired: the ludicrous lives of these celebrity Z-listers keep them in the limelight.

"When I'm on the front of a magazine I sell more copies than Victoria Beckham does . . . It's a massive achievement for, I dunno, doing nothing." That's Jade Goody talking - a former UK Big Brother contestant who didn't win her series but, since first appearing on British television four years ago, has taken a huge slice of tabloid news.
This 24-year-old single mother of two's version of doing nothing? Battling bulimia and talking freely about it, spilling about an abusive boyfriend and father and about rolling joints at five years of age for her drug-taking lesbian mother. She's voluntarily flashed her boob job and doesn't mind one bit that her monumental struggle with weight is well-documented. Chuck in lots of get-a-room displays of "affection", some stumbling public drunkenness and plenty of acts of stupidity and it all keeps bubbling along. "I'm dying! I'm dying!" she shrieked as she was loaded into an ambulance during her lumbering attempt at the London Marathon. She had already stated to the press that her preparation consisted of no physical training and a diet of curries and lager. No surprise then, that she went blue not even halfway through. Still, the drama of her trip to a hospital emergency ward made great pictures and copy.
Welcome, Australian celebrities, to Shameless Fame 101. Want to extend your 15 minutes? Try tawdry on for size (just make sure it's so tight your boobs stand out) and be prepared to tell your story in all its gory detail. Use that mug shot from your drink-driving arrest to full effect and sell it to the highest bidder. Get plastered and ridicule your ex on national TV. Cry about your cocaine addiction and vow that just as soon as your nose cartilage is reconstructed and your mono-nostril won't scare the kiddies, you'll go out to schools and tell them to "Just say no".

Thoroughly Modern Milla

Thoroughly Modern Milla
Milla Jovovich is a patient woman. Sort of. For the last hour, inside an abandoned-looking loft building on the eastern edge of Los Angeles, Jovovich (pronounced "yovovitch"), California's model-actress-musician-designer nonpareil, has allowed two men to throw trash at her over and over.

The sight of such a heavenly creature, dressed in a pristine, ivory nightie of her own design, fending off a shower of crumpled, greasy news pages, is a riveting juxtaposition. It is, of course, a staged spectacle. (Any stranger actually hurling garbage at the martial arts-trained performer might suffer a swift kick to the midsection.) The debris swirling about this mistress of the hyphenate is all part of a photo shoot and Jovovich, who has, in the immortal words of Madonna, "given good face" for over two decades, needs only the slightest direction from the photographer.
Once the shoot is over and the makeup is removed (exposing a faint and rarely-seen spray of freckles on her face), the blue-eyed beauty admits she'd always rather cut to the chase -- no matter that the job. "Dude, get a vision and follow it," says Jovovich in her unique, raspy California vernacular, revealing the no-nonsense work ethic that has guided her through a rich and unusual career. At age nine, she began out on auditions. At 11, when most of her peers were being fitted for braces and training bras, Jovovich became the youngest model ever to land the cover of a major fashion magazine. Within a year of this debut, the pre-teen darling would pose for Richard Avedon and Herb Ritts and sound this world-weary note in People magazine: "I don't even bother to count my covers." By 13, she had finished her first feature film.

Like Botticelli's Venus, the Ukrainian-born Jovovich arrived in the world fully formed (but minus the half-shell). People who observed her piercing gaze -- far less intense in person -- and her seemingly endless legs easily lost sight of just how young she was. To understand Jovovich's premature maturity, one has to look at her history. At the age of five, her family fled the Soviet Union and settled in Los Angeles. "My mom was a big movie star in Russia. But when we moved to America, everything changed," Jovovich explains of her family's fortunes. With the money she made in Russia, Galina Loginova, Jovovich's mother, invested in their new future: Milla.
"Classes," the dutiful daughter recalls, "piano, singing, acting and dance."
To get by, Loginova and her husband, Bogich Jovovich, a doctor, cooked and cleaned for Brian de Palma. "The closest thing that I can call home is Coldwater Canyon and Mulholland Drive," Jovovich says, referring to the general vicinity of the director's house, "because that's where we started from." Without a hint of self-pity, she recalls of those lean years that "everybody had to work."

And it would appear that her mother's investment has paid off. In spades. To date, Jovovich has appeared in ad campaigns for Chanel, Calvin Klein, DKNY and countless other global brands. Her album, "The Divine Comedy" (1994), drew the singer favorable comparisons to Tori Amos and Kate Bush. And unlike certain teen queens dabbling in pop careers today, Jovovich wrote all of her own material.
A lucrative ongoing deal with L'Oreal helped vault her to the top of Forbes magazine's "Richest Supermodels of the World" list in 2004, a year she earned a reported $10.5 million. Across 18 films, Jovovich has worked with respected auteurs like Wim Wenders, Spike Lee, and Michael Winterbottom. Wenders, who directed her in The Million Dollar Hotel, a whodunit set in a seedy L.A. flophouse, says, "Milla was simply brilliant in her part as Eloise," adding, "I admire how she handles all her talents, enough for many careers." And since her appearance as a "supreme being" battling evil in The Fifth Element, which was directed by Luc Besson (to whom the actress was briefly married), she has also quietly built a body of work in the typically impenetrable boys' club of action movies. The third installment of Resident Evil starring this accomplished butt-kicker is already in pre-production.

The fact that Jovovich is now the most bankable female action hero after Angelina Jolie doesn't surprise those who know her. "She's very brave. She's unafraid to dive into something difficult," says longtime friend and design partner Carmen Hawk. And while her work in smaller films like Winterbottom's The Claim and Lee's He Got Game has garnered more critical attention -- New Yorker critic David Denby wrote that the scenes between Denzel Washington and Jovovich, who plays a prostitute, were "about the most tender Lee has ever filmed" -- Jovovich seems more than happy to have ventured beyond the art house, adding "heroine" to her already staggering retinue of titles.
"It's awesome. I love martial arts. I always wanted to be a Ninja warrior when I was little, so I'm living out a fantasy," she says excitedly. "You won't see me sleepwalking through an action film, which is unfortunately what a lot of actors end up doing, because it's, like, 'not serious' or 'artistic.'"

One reason, perhaps, that Jovovich doesn't get hung up on coming across as a serious person is because she actually is one. A voracious reader and self-described "nerd" -- and not in the run-of-the-mill, "I was gawky and no one took me to the prom" kind of way -- Jovovich could have been a humanities major at U.C. Berkeley in another life. Instead, she is 100 percent self-taught. Writers like Zola, Dickens and Gabriel Garcia Marquez pepper our conversation the way talk of Balenciaga bags would another interview with many actresses her age. Science magazines spill out of her giant red Bottega Veneta tote.

"Did you see this month's New Scientist?" she asks, her eyes lighting up. She fishes the issue, which has something to do with neuroscans, out of her bag. Realizing how odd the question is, she puts on an heiress' airhead accent in self-mockery: "It. Is. So. Hot!"
Lately, Jovovich's polymathic tendencies have found another outlet. Last year, she and Hawk, also a model, launched a women's clothing line together. Jovovich-Hawk was born out of both women's love for vintage designs. Hawk sums up their shared style as "1950s party dresses, that Brigitte Bardot cute-sexy look, and Depression-era stuff." The two fledgling designers have no formal training, but they've had plenty of on-the-job experience. "We're learning how to those ropey Grecian necklines now," Hawk admits.

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Texasian Beauty

Born: 30 September 1984
Birthplace: Abilene, Texas
Best Known As: Hazel-eyed teen Guess model

At the tender age of sixteen years old, Megan Ewing has already made a name for herself in the fashion industry. The Texan beauty, born September 30, 1984 was discovered at a Model Search America convention. When Megan saw the Model Search advertisement in the newspaper, she never thought it would happen to her. With her strong confidence, she decided to give it a try, since she always wanted to be a model. She was soon on her path to model stardom.

While growing up in Brady, Texas, Megan had no idea what an amazing future she had in store. She was a typical teenage girl listening to music and hanging out with her friends before she was discovered. Megan has gone from her small country town with the population of only 15,000 people to the bright lights and big city of New York. She has taken New York by storm with her mesmerizing eyes and her adorable freckles that make her look innocent without ignoring her undeniable sex appeal.
Education is extremely important to this 5 foot 9 inch beauty. She is now being home schooled as she works as a model, and plans to attend college in the future where she hopes to study interior design. Don't expect this goddess to forget her roots, though. Megan is modest, only her closest friends even know that she is a model. She doesn't like to tell people about how she plans to conquer the fashion world with her gorgeous smile. “I let people figure it out on their own, like when they see me in a magazine or something” says Megan.

This youngster did not go unnoticed by GUESS?, Inc. she attended a casting for their Spring 2001 advertising campaign and a star was born. Megan has not been in the business long so she saw this as an opportunity to get enormous exposure. “Being a GUESS? model can definitely open up doors for me” the very excited model exclaimed. There is certainly a bright future for this confident, youthful model.

Kate Moss Troubles & Cocaine Scandal

She checked herself into a psychiatric centre in 1998, claiming she was suffering from "exhaustion." She later admitted she'd been drinking and getting high before getting on the catwalk, but denied ever indulging in harder substances. Dismissing rumours that her stay was for substance abuse, sources have revealed that she was suffering from depression over her separation from longtime boyfriend, actor Johnny Depp
The British tabloids and paparazzi often target Kate Moss, most likely because she never gives interviews. UK tabloid the Sunday Mirror was sued successfully by Moss for claiming that she had slipped into a coma after taking large amounts of cocaine in Spain years earlier. It was also alleged by the media in September 2005 that Moss has had a long-standing lesbian affair with best friend Sadie Frost.
Further allegations have been made that she has had sex with both Sadie and Sadie's then husband Jude Law several times, and that she has also been involved in lesbian threesomes with Sadie Frost and British TV star Davinia Taylor. Moss has been accused of almost everything from heroin use to anorexia. British tabloids, particularly the Daily Mirror, have long alleged that Moss habitually used cocaine. In interviews Moss dismissed these claims as ridiculous.
In May 2006, it was reported in the tabloid The Daily Mail, that Moss had a visible bruise on her cheek after she invited supposedly ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty into her home claiming that "he needed a shower". Afterwards Moss left her home wearing.
The cocaine scandal
On 15 September 2005, the Daily Mirror ran front page and inside photos that seemed to show Moss snorting several lines of cocaine at a Babyshambles recording session. Her boyfriend at the time, Pete Doherty, is the lead singer and songwriter of the band. It has been alleged by Doherty that James Mullord, his former manager, was the one that sold the photos to the newspaper for a sum in excess of £150,000.
Moss ended the relationship with Doherty in November 2005, soon after he checked himself out early from the Meadows Clinic in Arizona, failing to complete a program for drug rehabilitation. Moss herself had undergone successful treatment there the previous month and had urged Doherty to seek the same treatment himself, while also paying for his stayDoherty, however, claims that their separation involved other issues, telling the The Sun newspaper that Moss left him because, “I can’t buy her diamonds and my dick is too small.”
On 20 September 2005, the Swedish fashion retailer H&M announced they were dropping Moss after giving her a second chance after hearing of her drug allegations. She would have been used for the campaign of their autumn clothes range designed by Moss's good friend Stell McCartney.
The contract was reportedly worth £4 million a year. The next day, Chanel announced that it was not renewing its contract with Moss, which was set to expire in October, although the company said that its decision had nothing to do with the drug scandal. Burberry also decided to drop Moss's campaign with them.
Moss continued during this period to appear in major ad campaigns for Dior. Moss was on the cover of the November 2005 W and also inside in a multiple page "fashion shoot".
Friends and supporters of Moss have defended her, including models Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen, French actress Catherine Deneuve, pop singer Robbie Williams, ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp, and designer Alexander McQueen especially during his walk out after his fashion show wearing a t-shirt saying "We love you Kate". Artist Stella Vine also supported her, and paintings of Moss by Vine in this incident were exhibited and reproduced in the press.

Moss herself has issued an apology, though she stopped short of admitting drug use. "I take full responsibility for my actions. I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet necessary, steps to resolve them," Moss said. "I want to apologize to all of the people I have let down because of my behavior which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others."
Kate made a comeback just months after the cocaine scandal broke. Her annual earnings more than doubled after she left rehab. Her current contracts include: Rimmel, Virgin Mobile, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Longchamp, Stella McCartney, Bvlgari, Nikon and David Yurman. She is rumoured to return to fashion houses Burberry and possibly even Chanel, both of which had previously severed ties with the model.
On 5 January 2006, the Metropolitan Police asked Moss to return from the US to Britain to answer questions about the incident. The following day, the Daily Mirror reported that Moss would return to Britain and face arrest about allegations of cocaine usage. She was interviewed by police in London on 31 January 2006, with her solicitor present, but reportedly made no admissions, and she was not arrested (photographs of alleged drug-taking are not admissible evidence in British courts).