Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Elle McPherson Feeling Guilty Over Kylie Minogue

Elle McPherson Supermodel Elle McPherson has revealed that she is racked with guilt over her lack of support for Kylie Minogue.
The Body says she is disappointed with herself for not getting in touch with her fellow Aussie when she was diagnosed with cancer.
She told Contactmusic: "It is one of my biggest regrets that when I heard Kylie had been diagnosed with cancer, I didn't pick up the phone straight away."

Elle McPherson "I assumed she'd have family and closer friends around her. You don't want to intrude. I feel so guilty now because she probably could have done with as much support as possible.”
“Sometimes we shy away from grief or difficult situations but I've learned a lesson with Kylie."

Kate Moss in erotic online lingerie films

Kate Moss Supermodel Kate Moss is appearing in progressive states of undress in four online lingerie films, and a wave of fans have crashed a London company's Web site.
Moss, who appears in a dream sequence advertising lingerie for Agent Provocateur, has never before spoken in a film, although she had a speaking role in a recent TV ad, The Daily Mail reported.
The online films are four-minutes long.

Kate Moss"That was such a strange dream. I was in this big, empty house," Moss says in the first film. "I was lying on the floor and there was a chalk mark around my body -- like in a crime scene. I got up, but it was like I floated up."
In the third film, Moss, 32, is completely undressed.
The films were directed by Mike Figgis, who made "Leaving Las Vegas." They were filmed in a mansion in London's Portland Place, the newspaper said.
The first film crashed the company's Web site when thousands logged on. The others are scheduled to be released over the next few weeks.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Gisele has Fantastic new boyfriend

Gisele Bundchen Gisele Bundchen and “Fantastic Four” boyfriend Chris Evans have reached the cohabitation level in their relationship, almost.
The supermodel, who has been single since breaking up with Leonardo DiCaprio, is reportedly coupled-up with Chris Evans, who recently ended his two year relationship with “7th Heaven” star Jessica Biel.

Gisele Bundchen A source tells Page Six that Evans was in New York for a photo shoot with “Men’s Health” magazine when he injured his ankle. Gisele was in Brazil visiting family and could not rush to her boyfriend’s aide so she offered up her apartment for his recuperation.

Bundchen and Evans have not gone public with their relationship and the supermodel’s representative have not responded to rumors of apartment sharing.

Elle Macpherson to get back with ex?

Elle Macpherson Supermodel Elle Macpherson is reportedly considering getting back with her ex.The catwalk beauty, famously nicknamed 'The Body', is said to have been in regular touch with her former lover, millionaire John Hitchcox.
Elle, 42, split from Hitchcox last month after a three-month romance.
However, it appears reconciliation might be on the cards, as the model and the real estate developer have been discussing what wrong in their relationship and what the future could hold in store for both of them.

Elle Macpherson A source told Britain's Mail On Sunday newspaper: "Elle is realising John was a pretty good catch. She has dated a lot of difficult men in the past, but John is a lovely man and she has realised this.

"She is seriously contemplating a reunion and spent most of her summer holiday in Mustique running up expensive phone bills calling John."

Being 'boss' in turns keeps Heidi and Seal's marriage rocking!

Heidi Klum German supermodel Heidi Klum and hubby Seal have revealed the secret to making marriages work.
The celebrity couple insists that when it comes to making a relationship last, both partners need to take time being "the boss".

Heidi Klum With busy careers and two children, with another on the way, British singer Seal insists that taking turns being the 'boss' in the house is what sustains their relationship.
"One time she is the boss, another time I call the shots. We have two kids now with the third on the way. We have to make sure that our relationship endures," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jennifer Aniston voted ‘Style Queen’

jennifer_aniston When it come to style, former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston has shown that no other woman holds a candle to her, after being voted ‘Style Queen’ of the world. Aniston managed to grab 29 percent of the votes in an online poll conducted by, catapulting her to the top spot. Close on Aniston’s heels was second-in-line to the British throne Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton who came a close second with 24 per cent of the votes.

jennifer_aniston Prince Harry's South African lady love Chelsy Davy was hot on their heels, and came in third by grabbing 17 per cent of the votes. The top five was rounded off by British supermodel Kate Moss at 10 percent, and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star Keira Knightley at 5 percent, reports E!Online. The list for the top 10 ‘Style Queen’ as per Hello is:

1. Jennifer Aniston 2. Kate Middleton 3. Chelsy Davy 4. Kate Moss 5. Keira Knightley