Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tyra is a very good-looking, one-woman money machine

Tyra Banks She’s a very good-looking one-woman money machine. Modeling, TV shows and that’s not even half of what’s in the works. Former supermodel Tyra Banks now has two hit shows that have earned her the comparison to Oprah.
When Tyra Banks was just a supermodel, a face of Covergirl and Sports Illustrated, she earned $50,000 a day, plus $4 million annually from Victoria’s Secret.
“From day one of modeling, I knew that modeling was a means to an end”, said Banks.

Tyra Banks The "Tyra Banks Show," in its second season this fall, bucks the trend of new talk shows. Well over 70% fail. She’s a huge hit for syndicates, drawing a young audience and boosting ratings of the shows that follow her. And “America’s Next Top Model” is in its seventh season for Banks and UPN, and will be moving to the CW Network with a 2-hour special.
Now as Banks considers her broad range of options her biggest advantage may be her unexpected accessibility.
“Tyra has that appeal to a very broad audience”, said Blakeley. "Not only that but she has that kind of loyalty that Oprah has, where if Tyra says this is what you might want to read or this is what you might want to buy — women do it."

Friday, September 22, 2006

Petra Nemcova once downed laxatives to lose weight

Petra Nemcova Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova has revealed that she was once so desperate to land modeling jobs that she went as far as to down laxatives to loose weight.
Nemcova said that being naturally curvy had hampered her career in the beginning and therefore in an attempt to make it big in the modeling world she not only went on one diet after the other, but also took laxatives.
"I went through so many diets in my life. I've been very, very skinny. I've been a size zero but I'm naturally more curvy," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

Petra Nemcova "I just ate vegetables, carrots, tomatoes. I went from a just-protein diet to just eating apples to eating no carbs. I took laxatives. I went through all of it just to be able to model," she added.
Nemcova’s comments came in the wake of announcements by officials at the Madrid Fashion week that models taking part in the event would have to be of a certain weight standard.
The move is to help prevent models, and their faithful followers from becoming dangerously thin.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kate Moss To Design Clothes For Topshop

Kate Moss Kate Moss has signed up to design a new range of clothes for UK High Street giant Top Shop.
The deal, announced during London Fashion Week, sees the cocaine shamed supermodel make yet another massive leap in her comeback.
In a joint statement released to Reuters Moss said: "I have always been a big fan of Topshop and regularly shop there. I love what they stand for and am very excited at the thought of working with them. It's going to be great fun."

Kate Moss The collection will be launched in the spring/summer of 2007 and will be available in all of Topshop’s 308 stores.
Neither Moss or Topshop would disclose the amount the model would be paid for the deal.


Cindy Crawford ALTHOUGH Cindy Crawford is threatening to sue the French magazine Gala for publishing statements she never made about receiving Botox, we hear from fashion insiders that despite the false article, there has been speculation for some time the 40-year-old supermodel has in fact had a little nip and tuck. Cindy has retained her flawless looks with "Botox injections and an eyebrow lift," says a source.

Cindy Crawford Her spokesman said: "Cindy Crawford has retained legal counsel to investigate the publication of a fictitious 'interview' in French Gala magazine. Ms. Crawford never participated in any such interview. The interview contained false and defamatory statements." After viewing photos of Crawford from 2004 versus 2006, renowned Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Howard Bellin (who has not treated the supermodel) told us, "She's either had a brow lift or found an incredible new way to tweeze her eyebrows."

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


NAOMI CAMPBELL NAOMI CAMPBELL's former assistant has no plans to confront her ex-boss over her abuse allegations, because she's still scared of the supermodel.
AMANDA BRACK, who is suing Campbell for abuse, appeared on model-turned-TV presenter TYRA BANKS' talk show this morning (18SEP06) to talk about the hell the angry Brit put her through last year (05).
Brack, who was 19 when she landed a job as Campbell's assistant, revealed she quit after four alleged abuse incidents, where she claims she was hit by mobile phones and her passport was stolen.
And she has no wish to meet Campbell face-to-face to discuss the case because she's still terrified of the temperamental catwalk star.

NAOMI CAMPBELL She said, "I wouldn't want to meet her again." Brack told Banks she stayed with her ferocious boss through much of 2005 because Campbell always apologised after her tirades, and her assistant felt sure the model would change.She added, "When you're 19 and you're living in France and you're a waitress and you get this job for a supermodel and go to New York and you're travelling in private jets in a celebrity world and people tell you how good a job you're doing and you're important and you're a good assistant, I was so proud."

She always apologised and hugged me and told me she was sorry and she was just stressed out and I felt like I was important, but (in the end) I was lost.

I didn't want to leave... because I thought she would change and I realised that she would never ever change."

Monday, September 18, 2006


GISELE BUNDCHEN GISELE BUNDCHEN was paid £50,000 yesterday for modelling three bikinis. The supersonic supermodel returned to her homeland to make a rare appearance on the catwalk for Brazilian swimwear label Cia. Maritima. She made three trips up the runway: once wearing a mini wrap over a bikini, once in a short tube dress and finally in a relatively large bikini hidden by a sarong that she only took off for a second.
And the curvy girlfriend of Leonardo diCaprio explained to reporters afterwards that her decision not to go for the traditional Brazilian teeny-weeny bikinis this time was due to a new found modesty.

GISELE BUNDCHEN "I don't really feel like showing all of my body to the whole world," she said. And she didn't feel like talking much either, refusing to answer any questions about her romance with the Hollywood actor or about her rumoured resolution to give up smoking. Cia. Maritima, who are planning to open stores in the US this year, are thought to have spent more than £100,000 on the half-hour show, half of which went straight to Gisele. But they weren't complaining.

"With all the press that was here to see her, you can bet they got a good return for £50,000," said Regina Guerreiro, a local fashion critic.

Supermodel Joanna Krupa Plays Regularly at Titan Poker

Joanna Krupa Titan Poker, one of the fastest growing online poker rooms, has recently teamed up with Joanna Krupa, considered by Playboy Magazine to be the "World's Hottest Swimsuit Model."
Joanna Krupa who serves as Titan Poker's official Spokesmodel, plays exclusively at the online poker room, making weekly appearances at Titan Poker's scheduled tournaments and ring game tables.Joanna Krupa recently shocked poker fans by outlasting most of the other celebrities and professional players participating in this year's WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.
Sporting a Titan Poker t-shirt and bearing an awesome poker concentration, Joanna played through 11 grueling hours of poker on Day Two before she was knocked out of the competition.

Joanna Krupa "I am happy that I beat a lot of pros from the first day," Joanna said. "They play all the time and this is only my second time in a tournament. I'm very pleased with myself."

Joanna has appeared in a number of exciting film and television projects, and will soon star in a major production on the Fox network.

"I love to model and have been doing it for a while," Joanna says. "I like to play poker and Titan Poker is the best match for me."