Saturday, August 12, 2006

A secret list of celebrities Sophie refuses to work

SUPERMODEL Sophie Anderton has drawn up a secret list of celebrities she refuses to work with on Love Island.
The star has a clause written into her contract allowing her to quit if any of the five blacklisted names are brought on to the show. They include two ex-boyfriends
- troubled Australian goalkeeper Mark Bosnich and nightclub owner Mark Alexiou
- love rival Jasmine Lennard, roly-poly Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus and Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler.
Even if she walks out, Sophie will still pick up her full pay cheque of £50,000.
Sophie's secret clause will be put to the test when she comes face to face with Kate, 26, who flies out to Fiji on Monday to join the ITV reality show.
TV executives are hoping the meeting will lead to a ratings-boosting bust-up.

"Sophie made it very clear she would walk if any of the stars on her list were flown out," said a TV insider. "So it will be interesting to see if she actually carries out her threat when Kate arrives. At the very least it is likely to be bikinis at dawn."
Viewers have been hooked by 29-year-old Sophie's diva-like tears, tantrums and bust-ups. She was left crying after just ONE day on the island when the boys were asked to pick a partner and no one wanted her.
And she burst into tears again after being rejected by love interest Shane Lynch.
A TV insider said: "Sophie has made no secret of her long-running feud with Jasmine, particularly since she started dating Mark Alexiou. And there's been bad blood between her and Bosnich since they split three years ago.
"But with others like Michelle and Kate it's nothing more than celebrity snobbery. Sophie sees herself as a better class of star."
Meanwhile she is facing another showdown when Lady Victoria Hervey rejoins the show tonight. Victoria, 29, was kicked out last month. But she has orchestrated a surprise return to confront love rival Sophie over her relationship with 007 star Pierce Brosnan's son C hris.


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