Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nicole Richie Loses 'Naked' Camera

‘Simple Life’ star Nicole Richie may have a catastrophe on her hands if she is unable to find a missing camera that allegedly had pictures of her and her 'friends' naked on.According to Australia’s NW, Richie recently misplaced the camera while partying with friends at Guy’s nightclub in Hollywood.An insider told the tabloid: “Nicole had been experimenting and had a memory card full of sexy nude photos of her and a lot of friends. They’d be embarrassed if they got out.” “She wouldn’t say if her co-star in them was Adam (Goldstein) or a new guy.”An eyewitness relived Richie’s horror at realising she had lost the camera: “They were having fun and then suddenly she’s freaking out after she realizes the camera’s gone.”

“Immediately, [Nicole’s] demanding the bar staff shut off the karaoke, turn on the lights and get everyone to search for the camera.” “It was pretty funny. Here are all these A-listers – and their bags are getting searched. Nicole was in the corner going totally nuts and losing it.” A friend of Richie’s added: “There’s the niggling worry that if the camera does get into the wrong hands and the photos turn up all over the place, Nicole will be in real trouble.”Should the pictures turn up anywhere online, we will let you know…


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