Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kate Moss in erotic online lingerie films

Kate Moss Supermodel Kate Moss is appearing in progressive states of undress in four online lingerie films, and a wave of fans have crashed a London company's Web site.
Moss, who appears in a dream sequence advertising lingerie for Agent Provocateur, has never before spoken in a film, although she had a speaking role in a recent TV ad, The Daily Mail reported.
The online films are four-minutes long.

Kate Moss"That was such a strange dream. I was in this big, empty house," Moss says in the first film. "I was lying on the floor and there was a chalk mark around my body -- like in a crime scene. I got up, but it was like I floated up."
In the third film, Moss, 32, is completely undressed.
The films were directed by Mike Figgis, who made "Leaving Las Vegas." They were filmed in a mansion in London's Portland Place, the newspaper said.
The first film crashed the company's Web site when thousands logged on. The others are scheduled to be released over the next few weeks.


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