Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is Heidi Klum Paris Hilton's Inspiration?

Is Heidi Klum Paris Hilton's Inspiration?
Paris Hilton and Heidi Klum have more in common than gorgeous gams, blonde locks and strutting around in their underwear. They also share a penchant for similar tastes in fashion. The ladies wore the same dress but -unlike Gayle King and Alfre Woodward- not to the same event.

Hilton wore the floral print dress last night for her appearance on 'The Late Show w/ David Letteman'. Attempting a more demure look, the heiress and budding chanteuse wore it long and paired the frock with black heels.
Klum, who wore the dress last month, chose a shorter length and gave it a 60s flair by donning Nancy Sinatra-esque white boots with it.
While, thankfully, there's no one else quite like Paris, looks like the same can't be said for her style.


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