Saturday, June 17, 2006

Linda Evangelista Announced Pregnancy

Supermodel Linda Evangelista Announced Pregnancy
Former 90's supermodel Linda Evangelista announces that she is pregnant with her first child. She is currently dating an unnamed New York architect.
Following a string of Hollywood celebrities that have been bitten by the maternity bug, Evangelista was last seen wearing a maternity-style dress at a recent party in Madrid.

German magazine Gala quoted the leggy supermodel as saying: "I'm overjoyed... my baby gives my life a meaning."
According to, Evangelista suffered a tragic stillbirth in 1999 when she was married to her ex-husband, Gerald Marie.

Baby boom continues, as supermodel Linda Evangelista announced she is pregnant with her first child. Canadian-born, New-York-based supermodel was spotted at a party in Madrid last week sporting a bump, which confirmed ongoing rumours that she is expecting.Linda Evangelista, 41, is currently dating an unnamed New York City architect, Vogue has learned. In the past Linda Evangelista dated actor Kyle MacLachlan, soccer player Fabien Barthez, Italian oil mogul Ugo Brachetti Peretti and Formula One driver Paolo Barilla.


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