Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jessica Biel's new illusion

Jessica Biel Walking into Jessica Biel's hotel suite, you immediately notice the bits of tire, which lead you around the corner to a floor full of chewy toys, which lead you around the other corner to the owner of all these objects — Biel's 7-month-old American Staffordshire terrier-lab mix, Tina — and to Ms. Biel herself, who is trying her best to keep Tina from chewing the edges off the suite's French doors.
"Teeeeee-na! No! Nooooooooo!" Biel commands in deep voice. And Tina listens — for the moment.

Jessica Biel These are the dog days of summer. Biel, 24, has a new movie to promote — a period romantic drama called "The Illusionist," opening today — but, otherwise, she has some time on her hands, having just finished up a couple of movies — "Next" and "Home of the Brave," and no longer being part of the grind of "7th Heaven," which she was on for six years.


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