Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tyra is a very good-looking, one-woman money machine

Tyra Banks She’s a very good-looking one-woman money machine. Modeling, TV shows and that’s not even half of what’s in the works. Former supermodel Tyra Banks now has two hit shows that have earned her the comparison to Oprah.
When Tyra Banks was just a supermodel, a face of Covergirl and Sports Illustrated, she earned $50,000 a day, plus $4 million annually from Victoria’s Secret.
“From day one of modeling, I knew that modeling was a means to an end”, said Banks.

Tyra Banks The "Tyra Banks Show," in its second season this fall, bucks the trend of new talk shows. Well over 70% fail. She’s a huge hit for syndicates, drawing a young audience and boosting ratings of the shows that follow her. And “America’s Next Top Model” is in its seventh season for Banks and UPN, and will be moving to the CW Network with a 2-hour special.
Now as Banks considers her broad range of options her biggest advantage may be her unexpected accessibility.
“Tyra has that appeal to a very broad audience”, said Blakeley. "Not only that but she has that kind of loyalty that Oprah has, where if Tyra says this is what you might want to read or this is what you might want to buy — women do it."


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