Friday, June 30, 2006

Kate's poem for druggie Pete

Kate's poem for druggie Pete
Kate Moss has written a poem in which she admits that her on-off boyfriend Pete Doherty loves drugs more than her.
Published in an underground literary magazine, Moss writes: "You love them more than you love me/So that's why I could cry all day long/that's why I can't breath(e)."
The poem, in Moss's handwriting, was scrawled on a page of Doherty's own journals. The journals - often rambling and incoherent - are expected to form the basis of a kiss-and-tell book the singer is writing about his relationship with the supermodel.
Moss's own drugtaking - she was caught on camera snorting a substance that appeared to be cocaine - became subject of a nine-month police investigation. The 32-year-old, who has a young daughter, learned earlier this month she would not face charges because of a technicality.
The poem is published in the magazine Full Moon Empty Sports Bag, which is co-edited by Paul Roundhill, Doherty's self-styled literary agent.

Roundhill, who lives in Whitechapel, was the only person ever convicted as a result of the police investigation into Moss's alleged drug taking. Doherty, 27, appears to have passed extracts of his journals onto Roundhill for publication in the magazine.
In one typed passage, Doherty seemingly vows to quit drugs if Moss will marry him. There had been talk the pair had once got engaged.

In the entry, dated September 2005 - around the time Moss was photographed allegedly taking drugs - Doherty writes: "Dear Kate, You'll never read this I suppose which is handy 'cause I can write it then, even though you're only upstairs. En passant or so. The stairs seem so close perhaps I'll come up eh? Would be strange if you walked round the door this second. Anyway, I love you so much it has estranged me from myself even. Wibbleguffle by the way but I love you too - yeah I'm coming downstairs upstairs I mean to say it on paper is a bit off but marry me and I'll do the crack off if you want Peter."
In another extract, Doherty criticises one of Moss's closest friends the actress Sadie Frost for "bashing me with her knockers".
It reads: "...she being the 40 year-old Sadie Frost... For starters when I asked her with (more than a jot of) discretion not to continue bashing me with her knockers every time she spoke to me, she responded with a deplorable tantrum which induced the outrage: 'I can't help if my tits are bigger than Kate's'." Doherty writes: "What kind of friends are these that my love brings out to the country and me thinking we were to be alone..."
Roundhill, 51, given a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to possession of class A drugs, said: "Pete gave me it to use in the magazine. Some of it is his writing and some of it is Kate's. It looks as if the drugs were too much [for Kate].
"She's been giving him quite a hard time about it, trying to sort him out. She even paid for his last round of drug implants.
"It's Kate's debut as a writer. It's very interesting and she is a very interesting girl. With her singing and writing I think she's looking for a future role."


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