Saturday, June 24, 2006


CLAUDIA SCHIFFER's marriage to film-maker MATTHEW VAUGHN is being tested during the soccer World Cup - because the pair support different teams.
The German supermodel, who, along with soccer star PELE, carried the trophy into the stadium during the opening ceremony in Munich, Germany, is a huge fan of the sport.
She tells German magazine Gala, "Right after the opening ceremony I put on my German soccer shirt and watched the game with my brothers, my sister and my friends. We were all dressed in soccer shirts and sang soccer songs." But back in her adopted home of London, her enthusiasm could cause problems her husband supports England.She adds, "If Germany plays against England, I'll be sitting on one side of the couch and Matthew on the other. I really hope that the two teams play against each other as late as possible so that it's peaceful at home for longer."

Claudia Schiffer Bio:

Claudia Schiffer (born August 25, 1970 in Rheinberg, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a German model who reached supermodel status during the 1990s.
Schiffer began modelling in 1987, after being spotted in a nightclub in Düsseldorf. Weeks later she appeared in Elle magazine. Within a short time she modelled for Chanel. In the early 1990s she starred in Guess? jeans ads in North America. She has appeared in a number of motion pictures.
Schiffer was long engaged to, but never married, the magician David Copperfield. The press later revealed their engagement was contractual. On May 25, 2002 she married film producer Matthew de Vere Drummond, born as Matthew Vaughn, son of George Albert Harley Drummond (also known as George de Vere Drummond).
It was widely reported at the time of Claudia Schiffer's marriage that one day she could become the Countess of Oxford because her father-in-law was in line of succession to the Earldom of Oxford and Mortimer. She is disqualified on two counts: Matthew's illegitimacy would bar him from any succession and George Harley Drummond is not in line for succession as he is not descended from the male line.
Claudia and Matthew have two children: a son, Caspar, born in London on January 30, 2003 and a daughter, Clementine, born in London on November 11, 2004
She has also appeared in the music video of the band Westlife's cover of Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl", as the iconic uptown girl.


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