Saturday, July 01, 2006

Model Yasmin Le Bon successful marriage

Model Yasmin Le Bon credits mutual understanding for marriage success
Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon says her showbiz marriage with Duran Duran's lead singer has lasted for more than two decades because of similarities in the music and fashion worlds they live in, a Hong Kong magazine reported.
"I think part of why it's (the marriage) worked is that we understand each other's businesses so completely. They're so similar," Le Bon was quoted in the July issue of Prestige Hong Kong.
"And especially, actually, marrying into Duran Duran. I mean if any band was going to understand the fashion business, it was going to be these guys. They really understand it and embrace it."

She married Simon Le Bon in 1985, when Duran Duran was one of the world's hottest groups. The dashing British quintet was the quintessential '80s pop band, with huge hits like Hungry Like the Wolf and Girls on Film. They were at the forefront of the music video age and were famous for their innovative and exotic clips.
Yasmin Le Bon, 41, was born in Oxford, England, and began modelling in 1984 and has worked for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Christian Dior.


Yasmin Le Bon (née Parvaneh) (born October 29, 1964) is a British-Iranian supermodel. She was born in Oxford, England to an Iranian father, and a British mother.
She has had a fashion modeling career of unusual longevity, still going strong at 41 years of age.
Although she was a successful model before they met, she attracted popular attention by marrying Simon Le Bon of the electronic pop/rock group Duran Duran during the height of their fame in 1985. The couple have three daughters; Amber Rose Tamara (b. August 25, 1989), Saffron Sahara (b. September 25, 1991), and Tallulah Pine (b. September 10, 1994).


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