Monday, September 18, 2006

Supermodel Joanna Krupa Plays Regularly at Titan Poker

Joanna Krupa Titan Poker, one of the fastest growing online poker rooms, has recently teamed up with Joanna Krupa, considered by Playboy Magazine to be the "World's Hottest Swimsuit Model."
Joanna Krupa who serves as Titan Poker's official Spokesmodel, plays exclusively at the online poker room, making weekly appearances at Titan Poker's scheduled tournaments and ring game tables.Joanna Krupa recently shocked poker fans by outlasting most of the other celebrities and professional players participating in this year's WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.
Sporting a Titan Poker t-shirt and bearing an awesome poker concentration, Joanna played through 11 grueling hours of poker on Day Two before she was knocked out of the competition.

Joanna Krupa "I am happy that I beat a lot of pros from the first day," Joanna said. "They play all the time and this is only my second time in a tournament. I'm very pleased with myself."

Joanna has appeared in a number of exciting film and television projects, and will soon star in a major production on the Fox network.

"I love to model and have been doing it for a while," Joanna says. "I like to play poker and Titan Poker is the best match for me."


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