Tuesday, September 19, 2006


NAOMI CAMPBELL NAOMI CAMPBELL's former assistant has no plans to confront her ex-boss over her abuse allegations, because she's still scared of the supermodel.
AMANDA BRACK, who is suing Campbell for abuse, appeared on model-turned-TV presenter TYRA BANKS' talk show this morning (18SEP06) to talk about the hell the angry Brit put her through last year (05).
Brack, who was 19 when she landed a job as Campbell's assistant, revealed she quit after four alleged abuse incidents, where she claims she was hit by mobile phones and her passport was stolen.
And she has no wish to meet Campbell face-to-face to discuss the case because she's still terrified of the temperamental catwalk star.

NAOMI CAMPBELL She said, "I wouldn't want to meet her again." Brack told Banks she stayed with her ferocious boss through much of 2005 because Campbell always apologised after her tirades, and her assistant felt sure the model would change.She added, "When you're 19 and you're living in France and you're a waitress and you get this job for a supermodel and go to New York and you're travelling in private jets in a celebrity world and people tell you how good a job you're doing and you're important and you're a good assistant, I was so proud."

She always apologised and hugged me and told me she was sorry and she was just stressed out and I felt like I was important, but (in the end) I was lost.

I didn't want to leave... because I thought she would change and I realised that she would never ever change."


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